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We achieve data ownership through blockchain technology

Blockchain technology can record data ownership, allowing data to be fluid, tradable, and valuable. EchoX can put valuable enterprise data, such as user behavior, tickets, orders, certifications, etc., on the chain, allowing these data to generate new value and provide new Web 3.0 business models for enterprises.

Our Solutions

Ready-to-use modules: Quickly Build a Web 3.0 Scenario Via ECHOX Modules

Membership Module

Building Web 3.0 roles, missions, network

Create a durable Web 3.0 membership model that enhances membership retention and adds value to membership qualifications in the long run. Meanwhile, comply with GDPR regulations to protect member privacy.

Redeem Module

Integrate virtual and physical scenes.

Through NFT verification and redemption systems, allow businesses’ users to combine online and offline experiences, and permanently preserve authentic records.

Market & Payment Module

Sell NFTs worldwide

Establish an enterprise-owned NFT marketplace and allow users to purchase NFTs issued by the enterprise using any payment method (credit cards, cross-chain payments, etc.).

Data Dashboard Module

Visualize Web 3.0 data

Track on-chain data of Web 3.0 members and NFT minting status while maintaining user privacy to understand member and market dynamics.

Our Products

Ready-to-use Web 3.0 APIs: Activate Web 3.0 Services Through ECHOX Engine​

On-chained Service

Through simple API calls, connect with EchoX to create, edit, and burn NFTs, enabling data ownership and making them assets.

Wallet Service

Build secure enterprise-grade encrypted wallets for your users and upgrade them to Web 3.0 members capable of holding digital assets.

Create vertical solutions for various industrial

Provide vertical solutions for various industries with modules and engines.

Creating a new ecosystem for the Automotive Industry, redefining membership, data, and behavior.

Redeem ModuleMembership Module

Quickly build an event platform and put important exhibition data on-chain, such as entrance tickets, reward vouchers, and social matchmaking, to create a new experience for technology exhibitions.

Redeem ModuleMembership ModuleNetwork Module

By using NFTs and marketplaces to sell entertainment performances and event tickets, we can eliminate scalping and provide more exclusive benefits to loyal fans.

Redeem ModuleMembership ModuleMarket Module

Chain local IPs into NFTs and empower local marketplaces to create a new travel experience for travelers and leave behind permanent memories.

Redeem ModuleMembership ModuleMission Module

Immediately establish new Web 3.0 business models for your industry using EchoX’s modules and engines.



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