Our Vision

Curate a world of echoes with NFT

A conversation or a connection between people often starts with echoes on certain matters, including echoes on art, echoes on music or any consensus concepts, etc. The technology and characteristics of blockchain are gradually making a difference around the world.

We believe that good creations have their unique and irreplaceable value, and they are all worth seeing and being passed on indefinitely. Through the virtual and real integration, NFT will be a medium between them, alont with a physical artwork and irreplacable experience. Through NFT, all people who resonate can participate and leave a record, so that the frequency of beauty can reverberate in everyone’s heart.

Venture Studio / Incubators

Funded by SG Asia Capital (a NFT fund based in Singapore) and incubated with Venture Studio model by LeadBest Consulting Group (Asia’s top ten blockchain consulting firm awarded by APAC CIO Outlook). The strategic investment round was led by the LeadAgileX Industry Empowerment Fund and backed by angel investors including Mindfulness Capital who participated in the equity investment of top blockchain projects such as Bitmain and Sandbox, as well as expert consultants who specialize in blockchain and cultural fields.

Our Team

Operations Team

Neil Lee
Executive Director, Co-Founder
Neil introduced the “Venture Studio” model to Asia and was also introduced in “Fortune” 2020/12 for the successful models and showcases. The “Top Ten Outstanding Leaders Award” and “Top Ten Outstanding Enterprise Award” of the “Golden Peak Award” in 2020. Neil participated in the establishment of one of the biggest app deveopment company which was acquired by FETnet. He is also an expert lecturer at National Taiwan University and a director of EasyCard Corp. Neil specialises in applying software technology to realize the commercial value of technology for business owners.
Gregory Liu
COO, Co-Founder
Before joining EchoX, Gregory embarked on his first business venture Vana Living, launching from zero, scaling to over 30 sales channels all over Taiwan, and making an annual revenue of 30 million during the very first year. Gregory then joined LeadBest, he assisted the company in entering South East Asia and helped client Acer Philippines become the market leader in the eSports industry.
Yoyo Chang
VP of Product, Co-Founder
Yoyo was the digital technology product R&D manager of Hermin Textile, and led the team to build “TEXTIP” from 0 to 1. With the development of new revenues and business model innovation, Yoyo led the team to the awards of best product experience, best product innovation, and the jury’s prize of the 2020 Future Commerce Awards.
Shin-Yi Yang
Curating Consultant, Co-founder
PhD of Art History from Cornell University, international consultant of Cornell University’s New Media Art Archives, and international ambassador for Cornell University Biennale. Previously worked at MoMA and Guggenheim Museum in New York. He is currently the CEO of Beijing Jing & Kai Art Investment Management Company and E.C.A. (Edition of Contemporary Art). Recent work focuses on creating an art metaverse and a new art transaction model on blockchain.
Ju-chun Ko, PhD
NFT Curating Consultant, Co-Organizer
The first Taiwanese admitted to Singularity University, Ju-chun Ko has been a blockchain guru and investor since 2017. He was also the recipient of the Facebook Developer World HACK and K. T. Creativity Award. His podcast is considered a good start to gain knowledge on blockchain and cryptocurrency.
Jade Wen, PhD
Chief Curator, Co-Founder
Jade is currently a doctoral candidate for the Institute of Art Management and Cultural Policy at National Taiwan University of the Arts. With 13 years of experience in art promotion education and industry, she has participated in the planning of the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Museum Store, taught in universities, and a curation guide in major exhibitions, while promoting international arts through the blog “Travel in Arts with Viviwen”.

Operation Team

Expert Engineer
Product Manager
Senior Chief Designer
Senior Staff Engineer
Curating Planner
Product Manager

Consultation Team

Thomas Ao
Blockchain Investment Consultant
Partner of Mindfulness Capital, Thomas is a sophisticated investor in the blockchain industry since 2013, portfolio including Bitmain, Antpool, Bitdeer,, Sandbox, Swarm, EPNS,, Mars Project, and others. He is also the CEO of M Credit, a leading provider of financial leasing services for bitcoin mining facilities, and also the Co-founder and CFO of Disruptive tech SPAC Nocturne Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: MBTC).
Ke-Fei Lin
Blockchain Consultant
Currently the CTO of VC Trade, a subsidiary of the SBI Group, Ke-Fei Lin has 20 years of experience in information technology. Specialties include front-end and back-end development, transaction systems, blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized finance. He is currently the chief technology officer of a subsidiary of Japan’s SBI Group, responsible for cryptocurrency exchanges and stock options dark pool business.
Kelvin Chung
Legal Consultant
As a partner lawyer of KPMG Taiwan, Kelvin specializes in legal consulting services such as industrial company laws, group organization restructuring, and intellectual property rights protection and establishment. He is also the co-chairing lawyer of the crypto asset and token economy team. Specializing in crypto assets and token issuance laws (STO/ICO) and decentralized finance (DeFi) compliance consulting.
C.C. Liu
Legal Consultant
C.C. Liu is a lawyer, financier, entrepreneur and angel investor. He manages Kings Town Bank International Lease Corporation and maintains performance and profit growth. He also led the completion of the privatization of listed companies and the acquisition of securities firms in 2020, and completed a number of domestic and foreign investments, mergers and acquisitions and listings in domestic and abroad. He has invested in a number of startup teams and is one of the few domestic authorities who can fully understand corporate organization and business activities from the legal, financial, and management aspects.
Taien Wang
Information Security Consultant
Taien is the leader of the cross-strait technology community and the founding chairman of Taiwan TGONetworks. He has been certified by Microsoft as the “Most Valuable Expert” in the field of information security, and has been the head of entrepreneurship and group product technology. He specialises in assisting the digital implementation of the industry through the integration of multiple technologies such as information security, e-commerce, advertising, cloud applications, and blockchain.
Bryan Cheng
Blockchain Consultant
Bryan is proficient in digital transformation technology, real estate technology, and blockchain technology. He has won the first financial technology Citi Mobile Challenge in Taiwan and represented Taiwan to compete for the “Global Technology Innovation Award”. He was invited by the Luxembourg government to participate in the European ICT Spring Exhibition. Cooperation with the government of Estonia, a European “startup country”.
Creative Consultant
Dino specialises in combining product and creative thinking and his experience spans multiple industries. Developed a digital thinking with an insight into the overall design thinking. Participated in trend media, incubating sneakers blockchain brands, visualizing business models, brand positioning and UIUX strategy landing.
Winner Wang
Serior PR Consultant
With over 17 years of experience in corporate public relations, Winner served as the spokesperson of Foxconn Technology Group, Fuying Data Public Relations, Taobao Taiwan Pavilion, Crazy Selling, and Hiiir…etc. She also provides corporate training as well as media operations in the Youth Innovation Association, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Executive Yuan, and many other leading enterprises.


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