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Building a Phygital (physical & digital) Bridge for Your Brand

We help you overcome challenges in the digital age

We leverage blockchain technology to eliminate the technical barriers of Web3 for businesses.

Master trustworthy information with blockchain technology

Data is an asset in the Phygital era, and only trustworthy data can effectively create a brand ecosystem. We use blockchain technology to collect and record the most authentic information, eliminate untrustworthy third-party platforms for brands, and achieve decentralization for users.

Marketing expenses are skyrocketing

The complexity and cost of getting member data are projected to climb as the European Union implements GDPR legislation and user privacy awareness grows.

Reduce marketing expenses while protecting user privacy
Encourage members to readily contribute vital information for increased services via various membership engagement models, minimizing brand marketing expenses.

Difficulties in applying AI for intelligent management

Artificial intelligence needs a substantial amount of training with vast volumes of raw data. Inadequate data might impede firms’ capacity to make informed decisions.

Providing an AI engine that can access real data from consumers.
Accessing authentic raw data from the blockchain and leveraging an AI engine to aid organizations in fast gathering data for analysis or launching marketing campaigns.

Incapacity to sustain extended memberships

Marketing campaigns that are biased lead to uneven member engagement, which in turn causes the brand to have inadequate user knowledge and may even cause user attrition.

Offering a valuable membership engagement mechanism.
EchoX creates a variety of gamified tasks are redeemable both online and offline. It fosters deep interaction and mutual benefits among members, creating a member ecosystem to maximize value.

Innovative products & solutions

Productized modules + Customized requirements = Innovative solutions

→ Phygital Membership Tools​

Analyzing raw data to offer members with utility.​

Creating an integrated virtual-physical member center, and keeping constant connection with members through a task system.

Member Center

Task Module

Bag System


→ Phygital Marketing Tools

Utilizing NFTs to expedite the Web3 market's growth.

Using modular solutions, generate NFTs and establish an NFT marketplace, allowing brands to make additional revenue.


NFT Issuance

NFT Marketplace


→ Customized Solutions

Customized modular solutions to specific needs.

Integrate modules with existing brand platforms to create a new business model based on virtual-physical integration.

API Integration


Digital Ecosystem

→ Intelligent Automotive Industry

Creating a digitalized vehicle experience for automakers.

Creating a new ecosystem for the Automotive Industry, redefining membership, data, and behavior.

API Integration

Member Center


Digital Ecosystem

→ New Ticketing Models

Addressing the issue of ticket scalping in the entertainment sector.

Using NFTs’ transparency and transferability to reduce physical ticketing problems, providing long-term value to fans.

NFT Issuance

NFT Marketplace



→ Solutions for Regional Revitalization

Assisting local commercial districts with integrated travel experiences.

Web3 technology enables local business districts to autonomously issue NFTs , luring visitors with novel commemorative value.

Member Center

NFT Issuance

NFT Marketplace


Over 15 top international brands are our partners globally

Projects that we have created and implemented in a variety of sectors.

Creating an unprecedented membership ecosystem for both Web2 and Web3 brands.


Sharing and governing resources in a DAO.


我們能提供你最多、最快、最完整的 Web3 會員經營解決方案

Web2 + Web3 會員

品牌化行銷平台,運用 Web2 + Web3 技術制定客製化的行銷策略,整合品牌全通路會員,為每一位會員打造品牌專屬的行銷互動模式。





Low-code 導入


AI 生成互動體驗






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